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Welcome to the community portal for research in self-assembly! This site is maintained by Matt Patitz's Algorithmic Self-Assembly and Natural Computing research group at the University of Arkansas, but content has been provided by researchers from several other universities, and we always welcome additional contributors. Please email if you'd like to be given an account and some pointers on how to add content! This site is currently largely dedicated to research into algorithmic self-assembly, and especially theoretical work involving mathematical and/or computational models of algorithmic self-assembling systems which are tile-based (with experimental implementations as DNA-based tiles). However, we welcome the addition of a greater variety of self-assembly topics, especially research focused on experimental work.

Contents of

On this site, we provide:

1. A wiki which attempts to define a broad range of topics related to self-assembly, giving relevant definitions as well as references,

2. A List of papers which includes some of the papers relevant to the topics discussed,

3. Software which is freely available for download (including simulators such as ISU TAS along with tutorials on how to use it),

4. A list of Open Problems in the area, which may be a good starting point to researchers interested in beginning to learn about the area and where they can contribute,

5. A list of Conferences which are and have been publication venues for much of the work in the area,

6. Details about the People who have contributed to this site so far,

7. A fantastic set of slides which Scott Summers has made available for those who may be interested in teaching about any of a large variety of topics related to tile-based self-assembly

If you are new to the area and looking for a good way to get started with learning the fundamentals, it may be useful to follow the Getting Started in Self-assembly guide.

Invitation to join

If you are a researcher - student, postdoc, professor, etc. - working in, or interested in working in, the area of self-assembly, and you'd like to help contribute to this site, please let us know! We eagerly welcome contributors who can provide greater variety and additional content, and will be happy to get you started. Just email Matt at!

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