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Slides courtesy of Scott Summers

This collection of slides was used for a course on self-assembly given by Scott and is an amazing and very comprehensive set of slides for learning about a variety of topics in the aTAM, temperature programming, etc.

2HAM Notes
Notes on Turing Machines and Self-assembly
Notes on Advanced Topics in Self_Assembly
Notes on Assembly Verification
Notes on Local Determinism
Notes on Optimal Encoding
Notes on Randomized Self-assembly
Notes on Fractals and Self-assembly
Notes on Temperature 1
Notes on Temperature Programming (bit flip gadget and squares)
Notes on Temperature Programming (lines and shapes)
Notes on Temperature Programming (unique assembly verification)
Notes on Thin Rectangles

Slides which were presented at the "DNA Computing by Self-Assembly" workshop at the International Conference on Unconventional Computation and Natural Computation 2014

Courtesy of Andrew Winslow, these slides demonstrate the power of cooperative binding in the aTAM and a variety of methods in different models in which cooperation can be achieved:

Weak Cooperation (PowerPoint, UCNC 2014)
Weak Cooperation (PDF, UCNC 2014)

Courtesy of Matt Patitz, these slides give an introduction to performing computations in the aTAM and a description of cellular automata and how they can simulate the aTAM and vice versa:

aTAM computing and CA sim

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