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This is a repository for papers relevant to algorithmic self-assembly. The papers can either be hosted here or links to versions elsewhere.

Published on
A Domain-Specific Language for Programming in the Tile Assembly Model 2454895.55 March 2009
Active Self-Assembly of Algorithmic Shapes and Patterns in Polylogarithmic Time 2456455.512 June 2013
An Introduction to Tile-Based Self-Assembly and a Survey of Recent Results 2456717.51 March 2014
Asynchronous Signal Passing for Tile Self-Assembly: Fuel Efficient Computation and Efficient Assembly of Shapes 2455979.522 February 2012
Binary pattern tile set synthesis is NP-hard 2456750.53 April 2014
Complexities for Generalized Models of Self-Assembly 2453371.51 January 2005
Computability and Complexity in Self-Assembly 2455306.520 April 2010
Computing in continuous space with self-assembling polygonal tiles 2457397.510 January 2016
Crystals that count! Physical principles and experimental investigations of DNA tile self-assembly 2456804.527 May 2014
DNA Sticky End Design and Assignment for Robust Algorithmic Self-assembly 2456544.59 September 2013
Doubles and Negatives are Positive (in Self-Assembly) 2456852.514 July 2014
Exact Shapes and Turing Universality at Temperature 1 with a Single Negative Glue 2455687.56 May 2011
Hierarchical Self-Assembly of Fractals with Signal-Passing Tiles 2457635.54 September 2016
Identifying Shapes Using Self-Assembly 2455362.515 June 2010
Increasing Redundancy Exponentially Reduces Error Rates during Algorithmic Self-Assembly 2457154.512 May 2015
Integrating DNA strand-displacement circuitry with DNA tile self-assembly 2456455.512 June 2013
Intrinsic Universality in Self-Assembly 2455197.51 January 2010
Intrinsic universality in tile self-assembly requires cooperation 2456662.55 January 2014
Limitations of Self-Assembly at Temperature 1 2454900.510 March 2009
On the Equivalence of Cellular Automata and the Tile Assembly Model 2456544.59 September 2013
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